E – Window Films: An Alternative for Window Replacement

We have to replace windows often. Sometimes they break and sometimes they look ugly and you have no choice but to replace them. If you are thinking of replacing your windows, you should think about alternatives first. E – Window film can be the replacement. Low emissivity window film performs and appears like a new window. If you haven’t heard about it, this article is for you. Here we discuss the advantages of low E – window films, which will help you to make the right decision.

Maintain the aesthetic value of your house

This thin film is applied inside the window. This film remains nearly invisible and creates no harm to the natural appearance of your home. They perfectly blend with the present décor of the house and you don’t need to upgrade or change the interior because of this film. If you like in a community with strict HOA requirements, you can easily use them there as well. Moreover, they will not block the outside view and you can enjoy the beauty through the window.  In short, the film does not have any negative impact on the appearance of your home in any way.

Protection against ultraviolet rays

Low E film protects against ultraviolet rays as well. This thin film can block nearly 99% of harmful rays from reaching inside your house. It acts as a great shield to protect your furniture, carpets, floor, and other decorative items. UV rays can damage the surface and cause discoloration as well. UV rays are harmful to human skin and eyes as well. Exposure to these rays for a long time can cause skin cancer and various eye diseases. This thin film can protect you against all these harmful effects of UV radiation.

Better insulation

Our buildings have a lot of windows, mainly for ventilation. However, these windows are a big cause of energy loss in residential and commercial buildings. Nearly 40% of energy is lost through windows. Low E film allows the natural light to come in, but it reduces the escape of indoor air, hot or cold. It means that in winter hot air cannot escape through the windows, and in summer, hot air cannot come inside. So, you have a well-insulated house. A balanced indoor temperature is all about peace of mind.

Energy efficiency

If your house is properly insulated, it means there is no stress on your HVAC system. If there are air leakages, the system has to overwork to maintain indoor temperature. But if air can’t escape, the system will not be stressed. This thin film can enhance the energy efficiency of your home. You can save money in terms of energy bills.

No maintenance required

E window film is in compliance with the carbon reduction program. Instead of replacing the window, you can upgrade it by using this film and it will reduce the landfill space. So, we can safely call it an environmentally friendly option. Moreover, once you have installed this film, it requires no maintenance. No special cleaning is required and you will not see any scratches on it.

Protection against storms

If you live in an area where storms and hurricanes are common, you may have to use window shutters. However, shutters are difficult to use as they block the sunlight and you have to open and close them according to weather conditions and forecasts. If you want a simple solution to this problem, its E-  window film. It sticks to the window and acts as another layer. It strengthens the window and the chances of damage during a storm are reduced to many folds.

Reduce glare

When you have a lot of sun outside, glare is a common problem. These days we use a lot of screens, it can be TV screens, mobile phone screens, computer screens, and many others. But sun rays cause a lot of glare which can be dangerous for the eyes. If you have e window film attached to your windows, there will be no glare. You will be able to work and watch comfortably in your home.

Less condensation on windows

When it is hot outside and cold inside, we see condensation on the windows. It is due to two different temperatures of the window glass. This condensation seems harmless, but it can be a good invitation for mold and mildew. However, you can avoid this problem by installing this thin film on the window glass. It keeps the interior well insulated and there will be no or very less condensation.


Many people say that thin film is expensive. However, if you compare its advantages and the money it saves for you, you will find it cost-effective. It keeps your house well insulated and enhances the energy efficiency of your home. The result is less workload on the HVAC system which ultimately reduces energy bills. Moreover, if you compare the price with window replacement, it is a very cheap alternative.  Once installed, you can use it for years without any replacement. They provide protection against hurricane damage and save your money.

These are the few advantages of low E window film. Like everything else, there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, few people complain about the less natural light in their house, but it stops dangerous UV radiations and does not block the outside view. Many people consider it expensive, but actually, it saves your money by protecting your belongings.

In short, we can safely say that E – window film has a lot of advantages to offer you. You can get rid of harmful sun rays and protect your family from the harmful effects of UV rays. It also reduces your electricity bills by increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system. Hire an expert professional who understands different types of films and has experience of installation. It is an expensive film and if not installed properly, you will not be able to take the advantage completely. So, hire a reliable and professional expert for the installation. If you hire a service, make sure they are well aware of the latest trends in window films.

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