Hurricane window film: Can they restrict storm damage?

When we talk about hurricanes in The United States, the southeastern part of the country is most affected. Florida is the most affected state during hurricane season. In this part of the country, storms cause some serious damage. Broken window glasses are common after a storm. Hurricane window film is available in Florida now, which protects window glass from breakage. These window films are also called safety films. However, government agencies do not approve it as a hurricane protection product. Shutters and storm panels are approved by agencies for this purpose. It is not an approved product but it adds a layer to strengthen glass and make it less prone to breakage.

It is very important to understand how this term, hurricane window film originated. To reduce the damage and accidents, which broken windows cause after a storm, government agencies impose strict standards about the resistance of window glass for new constructions and remodeling of houses. To take advantage of this situation, a few companies start advertising these films as hurricane window films or safety window films. Well-reputed companies mention that these films do not guarantee protection against hurricanes. But it doesn’t mean that these films are useless. They add to the safety of glass and ultimately to the safety of the home.

Here we are discussing different aspects of these window films and how they can be useful for a common house.

Window films hold the glass

It is very important to understand the basics of the film before you get to know about its use. These films are manufactured with a polyester coating. It is applied on the glass surface, which can be your window or glass door, or decorative glass. These films do not act like real impact-resistant glass or laminated security glass. But, their job is to hold the glass even when it is broken. It keeps the glass in its place and the window keeps its shape, even if the glass is broken.

During a storm high-speed winds break glass and sometimes pieces of broken glass injure the person inside the room, window films can prevent these situations. Moreover, if the window Glass is broken, rainwater and storm dust can enter the room, but if you have window films on your glass, you can avoid all these problems. You have to change broken glass but you can avoid injuries and deep cleaning.

Residents of hurricane-prone areas must take mitigation measures to avoid hurricane damage. Some old-school choices are plywood boards or metal shutters. These window films are no replacement for these barriers, but they add a layer of security.

If we summarize the characteristics of window films, it can be as follows.

  • It prevents glass breakage, which can injure people inside the house.
  • Glass doors and windows will retain their shape.
  • It cannot be used as a replacement for shutters or other hurricane barriers.
  • It plays no role to prevent glass breakage.
  • The film reduces the risk of injury and property damage.

Advantages of window films

Many people ask the question that if window film is not a substitute for barriers, then why should they use them? There are many advantages of these films, which makes them mandatory for your glass doors and windows. Here we are discussing them.

Restrict entry of intruders

Security film is a good binder to keep the shattered glass in its place and this property also helps to restrict entry to uninvited intruders. If a Bulger attempts to break in through a window, he breaks glass for this purpose. But it will not shatter easily like the standard glass and it will be difficult for him to find his way inside the home. Thieves have very little time to do their job and they usually try to do it quickly as they have to run and escape. If something takes time, they usually leave it there and try to find an easy target.

Better privacy

Clean security films are commonly used, but tinted ones are also available now. Other than safety, they have another added advantage of privacy as well. They give a dark tint to the window and offer better privacy during the day. It adds privacy to the rooms on the ground floor and neighbors cannot peep inside your house on the top floors.

Less glare

Glare is a big problem during the day when you cannot see the screen properly. On your computer screen, TV screen, or smartphone, you need to adjust the angle to see clear images on the screen, when glare is disturbing you. But if you have window film installed, it will reduce glare and you can enjoy stress-free visuals.

Protection from UV radiation

Some specific types of window tints restrict more than 90% of UV rays from entering your home. It saves your family from exposure to harmful rays. Moreover, it saves valuable items like carpets and curtains which usually fade away due to UV rays.

Save energy bill

Another advantage of window films is the blockage of heat. You can choose window tint, which stops heat from entering the room. Resultantly, the indoor temperature remains comfortable not only in summer but in winter as well. When less heat enters the room, the use of the HVAC system also reduces and it reduces your energy bills.


To conclude the article, you need to understand that window films are not to stop the hurricane’s impact, but they can lessen it to some extent. You must take precautionary measures to avoid hurricane damage, these window films are not a substitute for those barriers.

But window films have various other advantages, which you may find helpful. They can reduce all those problems, which you might have to face if window glass breaks during a storm. They can reduce the chances of injury, as the glass remains intact with the film, even if it breaks. Moreover, they offer privacy and restrict the entry of UV rays. They also restrict the entry of burglars into your house. There are different types of films, make sure you choose the right one for your needs.


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