Impact of Window tint on indoor temperature in winter

Weather does not remain the same throughout the year. When it’s very cold outside, we have to adjust the regulator constantly, to get a comfortable indoor temperature. People who want to save their energy bills, try to trap sunlight at the right time of the day. For this purpose, they have to open and close their curtains at the right time. However, after sunset, they have to adjust their thermostats because it turns very cold during the night. The advancement of technology has provided us with better solutions for all everyday problems.

No matter in which part of the country you live, everyone wants a comfortable temperature in the house without spending money on energy bills. In winter, everyone wants a warm and cozy home and window film is the solution to this problem. Window film is a good option for various reasons. It offers advantages that no one can ignore. Install it in your office or home, you will never regret your decision.

Working principle of window film

The majority of people have no idea how window film works, so they often remain confused about its usage. These films regulate energy flow which comes through windows in every season. It enhances the energy efficiency of the house and the temperature of the house remains consistent. There is no need to adjust the thermostat throughout the day and night. Sun keeps changing its angle, you can get rid of worries about opening and closing curtains.

Window film enhances the efficiency of the window without any replacement. Instead of replacing a window, you can install window film only and save money. Window replacement is expensive but with window film, you can enjoy the same results without spending any money. When you have control over indoor temperature, you can enjoy a peaceful family life, heavy curtains on windows restrict the beautiful outdoor view but if you have window tinting film, you can enjoy the outside view. These films keep the indoor temperature warm in winter and cold in summer. You can have a comfortable indoor temperature without spending much on your energy bills.

Window tint reduces glare, reducing the stress from your eyes. You can enjoy privacy inside the house, as no one can peep through your window. You can enjoy privacy without closing the curtains.

Effect of window film on energy efficiency

No one wants to spend money on energy bills, but everyone wants a comfortable indoor temperature. On the other hand, a cooling and heating home consumes a lot of energy and can disrupt your budget. Window film can help you to maintain the temperature in every season.

In summer they not only restrict incoming sun rays by reflecting them in the air but also trap cold air inside the house. If UV rays are not coming into the house, it means you have protected your expensive carpets and curtains from fading away. UV rays are damaging for furniture and decorative items as well. Their bleaching properties change the color of beautiful household items.

If we talk about energy efficiency, window tints improve it by more than 25%. It means you can save a good amount of money which you spend to pay energy bills. The workload on the air conditioners will reduce in summer and heaters will work efficiently in winter.

Window film acts as a thermal sheet, which is invisible. It doesn’t allow heat to escape. In summer it traps cold air inside and stops the entry of UV rays. In winter, it traps hot air inside and dong allows cold air to come through window cracks and holes. The film is installed on the window pan and acts as a barrier between inside and outdoor temperatures.

Advantages of window tint in winter

Many people think that window tint is for summer only and in winter they will keep the home cold and enhance the energy bills. It is important to understand that it’s not the case. Window films are useful for every season. If we talk about winter particularly, window film is useful for winter as well. Let’s know its advantages in winter.

  • Maintain warm temperature inside: We use heaters in winter but hot air is light and it can easily escape outside through tiny cracks and holes in windows. But if you have installed window tint, it will close those cracks and holes and maintain the temperature inside the house. Moreover, the sun rays in winter are not very hot. You cannot keep the house warm with sun rays throughout the day. If you want to do so, you can open windows and let sunlight warm your house, when the sun is at the proper angle.
  • Privacy: Trees and shrubs provide privacy to the home. But in winter when trees shed their leaves and we have to trim the twigs, it reduces the natural protective layer. It looks as if everything is in plain sight and anyone can peep through your window. In this situation, window film can be very useful. You will not depend on trees for privacy and can have a comfortable time at home without any worry.
  • Protection against UV rays: It is a fact that UV rays are harmful to humans. A lot of skin and eye diseases are associated with them. However, they can affect you even inside your home. But if you have window films installed, it will not allow UV rays to enter. You can save your family and valuable things from the harmful effects of these rays.
  • Less window glare: Window glare is another problem during winter. We want more sunlight so we keep curtains closed. It not only invites sunlight but also glare. Due to window glare, we can’t see our screen. But if you have window films, the glare problem can be easily solved.

These are just a few advantages, but it reflects that window tint is not for summer, but you can enjoy its benefits in winter as well. However, the important thing is to choose the right tint and hire professionals for installation.

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