Tinted Residential Windows: Add Value to Your House

The value of a home is determined by its location, size, construction, and utilities. Some other factors also play a vital role when calculating the value of a home. Things like a basement, pool area, and lawn add value to the house. Whenever an owner wants to sell his house, he wants to add some features to increase the house’s value to get the best possible price. It will be interesting to know that tinted windows can increase the value of your house. Different types of tints are available, and each has different advantages. You can use any of them and enhance the value of your house.

Residential window tinting

The tint is a thin film manufactured with a plastic called PET. A tint has multiple layers. The tint is created by using metals, pigments, and dyes. The tint may vary in thickness depending on its use. A window tint can be divided into three categories, depending on the use, i.e., solar, security and decoration.

Decorative tint: It is a very thin layer used to enhance the house’s beauty. It offers other advantages, but the beautiful designs make it a value-added tool.

Solar tint: solar tint is a thick film darker in color. It protects against sun rays. Its thickness makes it durable as compared to decorative tint. It is the most popular type of window tint and makes up more than 46% of the tint market.

Security tint: This is the strongest tint film and is commonly used in those areas where storms and hurricanes are common. It protects the glass from damage and acts as a protective layer.

Installation of window tints is not difficult, and most people try to do it themselves. However, to get the best results, you should hire professionals. The poor application will leave air bubbles, giving an ugly and rugged look. Moreover, if you plan to have window tints, the manufacturers can offer 10 years warranty to be a durable solution for your needs.

Advantages of residential window tinting

Window tint is one of those things that has more than one advantage for your home and your valuable items. Here we discuss some of them that add value to your home.

Better security and privacy: Everyone wants a safe home and complete privacy. Clear window glass allows the neighbors to peep through any time, and it also gives burglars a chance to see inside the house. They can easily target your valuable items and intrude when they see no one around. No one wants to buy a house with no privacy and is an easy target for thieves. Security is a big problem worldwide as the crime rate is on the rise. Window tint is an effective way to increase the security and privacy of the house. They don’t allow neighbors to wave at you any time of the day. It also restricts burglars from targeting your valuable items. When they cannot see through the window, it will be difficult to judge if the house is empty or if residents are in. So they will not think about breaking in. If a buyer feels that your house is safe and secure, he will be ready to pay you more.

Reduce electricity bills: we don’t like very hot and very cold air when we are inside the house. If you want a comfortable temperature, indoor window tints can help you. Hot and cold air can easily escape through windows, and you have to use an air conditioner or heater according to the weather. If the air continuously escapes, you have to use these appliances round the clock, which will increase your electricity bill. However, if you have tinted windows, they can regulate your home’s temperature. When your Air conditioner achieves the required temperature, the window tint will maintain it for a long. The operation time for your air conditioner will be less, and you can save on your electricity bill.

Protects against UV rays: Sun rays are of different types, and one of them is UV rays. They are very dangerous for humans and their belongings. They cause harmful effects even when you are indoors. Exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer and various other problems. If you have tinted windows, they prevent UV rays from entering your home. They can also damage furniture flooring and decorative items. If you have tinted windows, it means the valuable items in your home will be safe and add value to your home.

Glare reduction: glare is very inconvenient when using screens in your home. Glare can be very irritating when watching TV or working on the monitor. It can cause stress for your eyes and can reduce your efficiency. To solve this problem, solar tint is the best solution. Tint reduces the entry of sun rays into your house, and you can get rid of glare problems.

Curb appeal: If you want to add curb appeal to your house, window tint is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to do so. Beautiful designs and colors of window tint will add to the beauty of your house. You can enjoy other benefits as well. You can sell your house now or later at a higher price because window tint is durable and will give a beautiful look to your house for years.

These are a few advantages of window tinting, which everyone can enjoy. Window tint adds value to your house, and it is worth spending your hard-earned money on them.

Hire professionals to install window tints, as they can guide you about the suitable type of tint, according to your needs. Moreover, they know the latest application techniques which make your windows beautiful. If the window tint is not properly installed, it will look not pleasant. So, make sure you have professionals who have experience in this job and offer the best service. The right type of window tint and proper installation can add value to your house.


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