Window Tint: A Cost Effective Solution to avoid High Energy Bills In Southwest, Florida

Summers are very painful when temperatures are very high. People adopt different practices in different parts of the world to deal with the severity of the heat. However, according to a study, installation of window films is considered the cost edge five solutions to deal with high temperatures indoors. In states like Florida, other practices like upgrading insulation, installation of new air conditioners, and air sealing are also popular. But the effectiveness of tinted films is more than all these options.

The reports say that residents of Florida pay 40% more electricity bills as compared to the other American states. It means Florida is hotter as compared to other states and the residents have to use the air conditioner for a longer period of time to keep their homes cool. It leads to more electricity bills, which can be high at times. So. If you live in the sunshine state, you must be ready to pay high electricity bills.

The experts suggest the installation of window films for the residents of Florida to reduce their electricity bills. According to an estimation, the installation of tinted films can reduce the cost of electricity by nearly 30% which can be a big save in terms of utility bills. Tinted films are a multipurpose thing, they not only restrict the entry of heat waves coming from the sun but also reduce the glare, keeping a comfortable visibility level inside the room. Moreover, they block UV rays and protect your valuable items like furniture, curtains, and other valuable things from fading away. Additionally, these films allow the natural sunlight to come inside and keep your homes bright and sunny without making them warm and uncomfortable.

Different methods are used in Florida and other states of the United States of America to keep the interior of the home cool. The research was conducted in different zones of Miami, Tampa, and other regions. Different practices were taken into account to know the most effective method to keep the house cool. These practices included the following

  • Insulating the attic from getting hot.
  • Replacing old air conditioning unit with the new unit for more efficient working
  • Use good air seals, to seal all those gaps which allow the indoor cool air to escape including holes in walls, space under doors, and fine spaces around windows.

All these features are used to save energy by keeping the interior cool for a longer period of time. However, the results of the study reflected that window films are more effective to keep the interior cool, as compared to all these methods. The results are more clear in a hot place like Florida.

The research reflects that nearly 84% of sun rays can be blocked by using solar window films. Other than stopping the hot air currents window tint offer other benefits too, for instance, they restrict UV light from entering homes which fads away colors of rungs, curtains, and furniture. Moreover, they protect your expensive artwork and keep their new look protected. Another advantage is the protection of skin from harmful UV rays.

Window films can reduce energy use in the state of Florida. Old homes built in the 1980s can take the advantage of this feature particularly. Most homes use air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool, but hot sun days entering through windows reduce the efficiency and curtains are not enough to stop them. So, if window tint is installed they will help to keep the interior cool for a long time and eventually reduce the energy bills.

The southern parts of Florida experience even more high temperatures so the effectiveness of these window films is more in those areas. If we compare the price of installing ceiling insulation with window tint, you will realize that window films are 15 times cheaper as compared to ceiling insulation. Similarly, replacing the air conditioner is three times more expensive as compared to installing a film on windows. So, having a window tint is the most cost-effective option to keep your home cool and save energy bills.

The use of window tints is not limited to residential buildings only, commercial buildings, offices, and restaurants can also take advantage of the benefits they offer. You can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature anywhere. Tints also reduce the glare and ensure comfortable working on screens, either its computers or smartphone.

Moreover, beside reducing your energy bills, they also make your home attractive. These days window tints are available in various colors and styles, you can match them with the interior of your home and make your home more attractive. You can use dark colors on the windows which open outside, it will offer you better privacy and thieves will not be able to see inside. In most burglary incidents they enter the house when no one is at home. They don’t target those buildings where window tints are installed, as it is difficult for them to judge if someone is at home or not.

So other than saving your electricity bills, window films have to offer various other advantages. You can enjoy these benefits only if you choose the right kind of window tints for your needs. Hire professionals for installation and choose a good quality film. Saving money for the tint is not a good idea as you have to use it for years. Moreover, bad quality window tint will start deteriorating quickly and it will not serve the purpose. Instead of wasting your money, choose a good quality tiny which can actually stop the sun rays from entering the home.

Having a window tint is the right choice to save your energy bills but choose the right kind of tint. Various options are available in the market and only a professional can guide you about the best choice for your needs. Let the experts do their job and save your energy bills. It’s a one-time investment and you can take the advantage of these films for many years.


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